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Being indirectly affected in one way or another by President Bush's poor decisions whilst in office, be that as a result of the war in Iraq, the economic depression, etc.
Dave: "I heard that asshole Jim got a bullet lodged in his ass in Baghdad, so now he's coming back overseas."

Harry: "HAH! Jackass got Bushwhacked."
by Flamingo Jones September 14, 2008
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A term used by insecure scene kids who find being called "feminine" offensive.

This word can also be used mockingly when talking to or about scene kids.
hxcgore101: "Hey, bitches."

manlyman56: "Get away from me, you effeminate freak."

hxcgore10: "I'm not feminine. I'm metromasculine. :("
by Flamingo Jones September 17, 2008
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An exclamation of enthusiasm used by those of Razor Ramon HG's following, and more importantly Hard Gay himself.

It really doesn't matter what context it's used in. The important thing here is to scream it in as loud and cheery a voice you can muster, whilst thrusting your arms into the air in a "V" formation. (Optionally accompanied by pelvic thrusts.)


"Might've traumatized them, HOOOOOOOOOOOOO~"

"Penis extinguisher, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~"
by Flamingo Jones September 07, 2008
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