A skating group filled with hoodlims
by YoungCondom January 8, 2018
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is a filthy wetback mexican always seen with a bull riding jacket and pointy cowboy boots
i was at the home depot the other day and seen a lot of burritto burners asking for work
by fiddly man December 28, 2011
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An offensive word used to describe somebody of Italian descent. Pizza Burner is derived from the word Rice Burner, which is a Japanese person or product. Pizza burner is equivalently offensive to Italians like Nigger is to Blacks, and Beaner is to Mexicans.
"Look at all those Pizza Burners in there wife beaters driving around the Jersey Shore in the pimped out 1990's Honda"
P1 "Fuck you Pizza Burning Guinea!"
P2 "Kiss my Pizza Burner ass!"
by Guidoboy January 28, 2009
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stupid german cars. the new fad with the vw's for instance. vw's are the new civics for this era.
hey check out that kid and his tight pants getting into his jetta that sits a inch off the ground with 20 inch rims. what is that a 1.8L TuRbO ohhhh man!!! what a krout burner.
by 4g63t February 10, 2010
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A specific type of guilt experienced by veteran burners who are able to easily obtain a Burning Man ticket through their camp year after year, knowing full well how difficult it is for newer burners to obtain theirs. Burner refers to someone who attends the annual Burning Man festival located in the Black Rock Desert of northwestern Nevada.
Paris Hilton's Burner guilt quickly vanished once she arrived in Black Rock City and reunited with all of her celebrity campmates.
by Sun Chaser August 9, 2022
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When you titty fuck a chick and leave a shit stain on her stomach.
I was titty fucking this chick after I ate tacos and gave her a jersey burner
by Serluke145 July 29, 2014
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Often used in golf but may be used when a male mammal or animal accidentally slides there testicles and or shaft on an object resulting in a red burning feeling.
Elephants get the worst worm burners!
by Barneyblue December 5, 2020
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