Person who is used as a last option.

The back burner on your cooking stove.

He or she that has two or more partners (player) Preferring one over the other and only using the other when the preferred person is unavailable.
When cooking on the stove the preferred burner is one of the front burners. The back burner is usually only used if the front burner stops working. If dating more than one person you have a favorite or preference and call them first. The others are used as a last option just like the back burner on a cooking stove.

I'll have to call my back burner bitch for a date tonight my main chick has to work.

Girl you need to step off you know your only the back burner bitch.

No one likes the back burner bitch so go home girl.

You know he gona choose me over her. He only uses her when I'm unavailable, she's always gona be a back burner bitch.

Girls don't ever let yourself be the back burner bitch!

Oh.. that's my back up date. You know the back burner bitch.

My back burner bitch isn't as sexy or fun, but she's fun. Just not my first choice.
by Ibacrazychick October 27, 2021
A Graffiti Term Used to describe a can of chrome spray paint to get up and go with.
Lets Use The Chrome Burner For A Quick Tag.
by R E I N October 3, 2017
Often used in golf but may be used when a male mammal or animal accidentally slides there testicles and or shaft on an object resulting in a red burning feeling.
Elephants get the worst worm burners!
by Barneyblue December 5, 2020
an individual or multiple persons (plural. turf-burners) whose genital area(s) is(are) inhabited by one or multiple sexually transmitted diseases.
i.e. chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, crabs, herpes, HIV... etc.

-causes- promiscuous sex, flings, cheating, adultery and/or overall low self esteem leading to one or more of the former
guy 1 (scratching) "I think I hooked-up with a turf-burner last weekend."
guy 2 "You should always consider the quality of the field before you play ball."

by Chris Demo June 24, 2008
When a black girl perfers getting fucked by a Ukrainian guy.
I saw Ivan with Ja'queme the other day, Ja'queme is such a Pierogi Burner .
by OneCommunismPlease August 7, 2017