A crap word sometimes used by snapperheads to make themselves sound intellectual, rather than using one of the many other more generally accepted alternatives like "process" or even "do".
the bank failed to transact my transfer
by snaptacular August 2, 2007
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Man, that girl I met at the bar last night was really a dude. It's okay, I got me some sweet transaction.
by JL Patrick April 8, 2008
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A drug deal.
It could be both ways, you supplying the drug for money or you buying the drug.
Man, I need to make another transaction. I really need this dough!

Fuck broski, I wanna blow! I wanna get high! Let's go make a transaction.
by C-Los! December 22, 2008
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To mimic the swiping gesture of a cedit card with an iPhone 4 between the butt cheeks of one's girlfriend
A transaction opportunity is presented when tight workout pants, pajamas or the like are worn, creating a clear casm between the two butt cheeks.

V. Peter made a transaction when Beth washed her face before bed.
by chmpnstyle January 26, 2011
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The 5 foot radius around a debit machine or bank machine - to allow privacty when using your P.I.N. number.
Stay out of the transaction zone while I get cash from the bank machine.
by sarsfieldk March 5, 2011
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The act of swiping a credit, debit, ID, Library, Social Security, Novelty birthday card between someones bum cheeks or crack. The swiper (or MotherSwiper) then proceeds to smell the shitty side of the card and asks the swipeé if he or she would like a receipt.

Originates on the small Island Utopia of Guernsey. It is believed by most historians that the first person to ever recieve the pooey transaction was Joseph Robert Cowens, as resident of Guernsey (Shortly after dipping his love nuts in a fish tank)
"I am the Mother Swiper! You have recieved the pooey transaction!"

"That'll be £6 please"
"Do you take the pooey transaction?"
"Oh yes we do (Bends over then swipes)"
by Terry Balls January 7, 2008
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When you’re eating someone’s ass and they fart in your mouth and then you burp it back into their face.
Yeah I was with Jackson last night and I farted while he was eating my ass and he had the audacity to give me a Texas Transaction.
by badmitionfury September 16, 2019
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