When someone is hopped up from doing cocaine. Often referred to as doing a bump.
Dude1: wow you guys are talking and carrying on like your all bumped up.

Dude2: yeah we scored an 8 ball at the bar and we've been doing bumps all afternoon

Dude1: You two are good at making piss poor decisions
by Cheetoman69er June 5, 2017
when partying, after the effects of your first dose of "whatever" are beginning to diminish, the attempt to maintain one's high by inhaling more substance(s).
Hey, I ain't tryin to go down just yet, lemme bump up a little.
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
When you finally get that pay rise you’ve been waiting for.

Pay increase
Finally got that bump up this year after hassling Steve for 4 years.
by Str8 Rippin July 25, 2021
An expression, native to playas, to describe their activities. Origins: early 21st century, possibly a combination of the songs "Bumpin' Me Against The Wall" and "Hit 'em Up Style."
"Bump Up Sum Hoez! Bump Up Sum Hoez!"
by danq58 January 14, 2008
When an email conversation between a man and a woman is going well and one asks to go to IM chat instead. Of course the reason is because it's faster but you can expect the conversation to turn to sex, somehow.
"Yeah, John and I have been emailing. He's really a cool dude, but now he wants to bump it up."
by LucieLaMer March 2, 2010
Increase the amount of money you have given me as I feel it is not enough to sustain me and my selfish needs.
Boss please bump the cheese up because i want to buy expensive liquor this weekend and win some hoes.