hi, i'm nick jonas and i am a bumber.
by imacreeper. February 13, 2010
Another "word" for a bumper, as on a vehicle, except spelled in such a way that the moron using it obviously has no common sense to know that a bumper is named for a reason...It is what you BUMP things with if you're not careful
I need a bumber for my car, someone hit me.
by MoronsPissMeOff July 12, 2017
boobies. just. boobies. thats it.
those bumbers are absolutely gigantic!
by queenbeexx3 January 16, 2009
a term for fat, preferably in the ass.
damn that chicks got bumber in her lumber
by nooger December 18, 2004
Occasional misspelling of the word "bumbling"; often used online by ill-informed individuals who have severe language issues and spread idiocy on craigslist. Despite the fact that there are those who may tell you otherwise, it needs to remain clear that 'bumbering' is not a "British" word, but rather just a made-up one.
"You are a bumbering fool!"
"Actually, I think you mean 'bumbling' fool."
by Puffaloover December 30, 2008
When you beat, outplay, or outwit someone in a sport (soccer, football) or a video game (among us, Minecraft)
Example: Holy shit technoblade just bumbered dream

Example: did you see the game last night? The 49ers bumbered the patriots
by iceC0N3_YT October 28, 2020
Skype messaging:
6:56:33 PM Person A:Its a bumber, I know
6:56:33 PM Person A: bummer*
6:56:33 PM Person A: lol
6:57:06 PM Person B: Wtf's a bumber? Lol.
6:57:56 PM Person A: a distorted bumper?
6:58:03 PM Person B: That's going on urban dictionary just for the hell of it.
6:59:24 PM Person A: YAY!
by El Rio. December 10, 2011