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A pointless waste of time where an inbred redneck takes their "pick em up" or jeep into the mud and proceeds to attempt to not get stuck.
"Uncle Daddy, can we go mudding today?"
"Naw son, Aunt Mommy said we done gotta stay here today"
"Aw shucks"
"Its okay son, take your sister round back and explore each other"
"Aw yes"
by MoronsPissMeOff August 16, 2018
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A Tuesday when nothing worth noting happened. No major losses occurred. On another note, music in general started getting better the next day.
I remember April 5th, 1994 like it was yesterday. It was a Tuesday, and the worst part of the day was when I got a flat tire on my way home from work
by MoronsPissMeOff August 27, 2016
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Kind of like an asshole, but they also have Asperger's
Matt just would not shut up during break time at work last night. He was being such a damn asphole
by MoronsPissMeOff May 04, 2017
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Another "word" for a bumper, as on a vehicle, except spelled in such a way that the moron using it obviously has no common sense to know that a bumper is named for a reason...It is what you BUMP things with if you're not careful
I need a bumber for my car, someone hit me.
by MoronsPissMeOff July 12, 2017
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A phrase used by immature morons desperately trying to prove how stupid they are, while trying to fit in on the internet. Most often used by those in their late 20's and older.
"Dicks out for Harambe"
"Dude, act your age, You are in your 30's, not 13"
by MoronsPissMeOff August 15, 2016
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A lazy acronym for asking "you on here bro?", because apparently these days typing out a couple words is too hard. This is akin to using letters and numbers as words, ie 2 for to, u for you.
Jim: Saw this nice ass Cavalier today, YOHB?
Tom: Is it too much to ask to actually use words these days?
Jim: But that is too hard, it takes too long to type extra letters, and doesn't make me look cool.
Tom: So you would rather look like a moron because it "looks cool" then?
Jim: Whatever man, you just don't get it, freakin dumbass.
Tom: Right, I'm the dumbass...
by MoronsPissMeOff August 07, 2016
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