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the brave act of slaying a bull whilst wearing girly tights
if i was bullfighting id be scared of doing it while dressed like a girl. those matadors are such men <3
by chimpy pete June 27, 2007
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A barbaric activity where a baby bull is pushed onto a stage where it is watched by thousands of psychos who enjoy seeing it being tortured. First the bull is weakened with horrible metal spikes and humiliated publically, and just when it thinks things can't get much worse, it is stabbed in the heart by a ponsy Spanish bastard riding a horse. A truly horrible, inhumane and disgusting sport. Oh and by the way, it is not a sport because for something to be a sport there has to be an element of uncertainty. ie, No one knows which team or side will win. In bullfighting, there is just one outcome - the suffering and eventual death of the bull.
If a bullfighter puts on a good show, he/she wins the ears, or tail of the bull as a trophy. Nice.
If the bull shows a phenominal amount of strength and endurance, it is not stabbed in the heart by the matador, it is allowed to bleed to death outside the stadium. Nice. (and rare)
by Cup-Sellithaine February 04, 2005
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Consuming ecstasy along with one or more redbulls
Jim: Why is your brother humping my leg so vivaciously?
Eric: Oh, don't worry, he's just bullfighting
by DoucheCat April 20, 2009
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When someone runs like a sissy from a rabid bull. Quite common in Spain and Mexico.
I want to watch a bullfight.
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
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The process of fighting the urge to use a prostitute...
Leno an't sex for a year- he's in the bullfighting stage...
by derangedpoet July 14, 2003
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