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Myrmecology is the study of ants - A myrmecologist studies ants.
"When I grow up, I want to be a myrmecologist, mummy."
"What's a mymecologist?"
"It's somebody who partakes in myrmecology."
"Oh, right - yeah, cool."
by Cup-Sellithaine November 7, 2005
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Cup drinks are tasty, convenient and colourful. They come in bright pink (raspberry), bright blue, bright orange and many other colours. They come with a straw that has a sharp point at one end. One of the best things about having a cup drink is grabbing the straw and enthusiastically stabbing it through the plastic lid. Cup drinks bring happiness to the world. Indeed, I am partly named after Cup Drink, my name being "Cup-Sellithaine". My cool mate Clare Atkinson is also partly named after Cup Drink, and her name is Rasthangatas-Drink
"Excuse me, We're really thirsty...Do you have a spare 20 pence piece so we can buy two cup drinks for 10p each?"
by Cup-Sellithaine February 4, 2005
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The love of cheese.

See also tyrophagia and tyrophobia
Being a tyrophilliac, married life is becoming rather tedious. I come home from work, exhausted and hungry, and all I want is a piece of fresh stilton. I make my way to the fridge, only to find my husband lying on the kitchen floor, twitching and gurgling "Des...troy..th-the..ch...eeeeese..." Kicking him away, I open the fridge to discover that all my best stilton had been covered in weedkiller and athlete's foot powder. I should have known not to marry a someone with tyrophobia I want a divorce.
by Cup-Sellithaine April 26, 2005
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Meaning "to stab", with a "borer" (rude-boy terminology meaning sharp, dangerous object, usually a knife)
Watch, I'm gonna bore you up.
by Cup-Sellithaine November 7, 2005
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A word that describes anything apart from the subject being discussed at the time.
"Would you like this Barbie for your birthday?"
"No, I'd like the other one."
by Cup-Sellithaine February 3, 2005
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The fear of cheese.

See also tyrophagia and tyrphillia
Being tyrophobic, married life is very difficult for me, due to the fact that my wife is a tyrophilliac. Tyrophobic people find it rather hard to get along with Tyrophilliacs, for obvious reasons.
by Cup-Sellithaine April 26, 2005
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The act of eating cheese.

See also tyrophillia and tyrophobia
Tyrophagia before bed can give you wild and vivid dreams.
by Cup-Sellithaine April 26, 2005
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