So extraordinary that it causes tremors of terror.
Did you see her head-to-toe footie pajamas? They're phenominable... there's not much else to say...
by drubberbands December 27, 2010
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It looks like he has a case of Phenominitis, he just keeps getting cooler and cooler
by Jago Kahr March 16, 2010
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The phenominality of his car had yet to be discovered.

He showed a great ammount of phenominality when he made that shot.
by Cloudhunter74 October 23, 2008
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To make something phenomenal by casting your dominion over it.
Phenominal+ Dominate=Phenominate
MONster phenominated the junior class fundraiser, The "M" Factor, because she is the school treasurer.
by MONster MONojo February 06, 2014
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A cross between phenomenal and facination. The act of having an amazingly fun time.
by sallymae August 05, 2009
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