A Baltimore Slang term used to address everybody no matter the situation
“ Dummy stop playing with me”
Woe Dummy Fuck is up”

“Dummy not even stamped down cherry hill his bluffin ass”
by Baltimorenigga April 12, 2018
Noun- A baltimore girl that will suck anybody's dick, or have sex with them.
ayyyo i just got done fuckin this dummy in the bathroom.
by Mr. Babcock March 16, 2010
a hoe or slut, can be used for both males and females (used mostly in baltimore)
person 1 - you no shantel a dummy right?
person 2 - yea i been new that
by djrocko April 12, 2011
Baltimore slang: Just another way for people to communicate with each other with others Baltimore,MD
Wassup Dummy”
by UltraDixon1234 April 5, 2019
a rubber teat with a plastic disc and ring to comfort a baby (Pacifier in the U.S)
the baby is crying, give it a dummy
by Blonkoid malonkoid September 12, 2008
Popular Bay Area dance, involving laying on the floor and shaking as if one was having seizure.
Merck: "Yo swell, he do the dummy retarted.
PJ: "100, Maine".
by Kendall Mays August 27, 2006
Another way of saying the word "Stud-Muffin"

Especially when referring to Ryan Butterworth
Ryan is a real dummy, and by dummy i mean a tasty Stud-muffin
by Not Ryan i swear October 8, 2008