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Absolutely horrendous, putrid, awful. Often used to describe feces and fecal related activites.
Big Sook dropped somethin horraceous after the guys enjoyed their Goulash.

Gimpy Todd was known to leave horraceous piles of stool around the office whenever he had visitation.

Baby Guppy always looked up to the larger men for tips to make his stool smell more horraceous.
by GerthPaul March 1, 2023
An exclamation of excitement when someone does something woke af
When Rupal got a Brazilian before the blowbang the guys all pulled their lips and screamed “Butts on a lip!”

Rotilius squealed “Butts on a lip!” As soon as the guys started mentioning various fast food locations.

Girth had to say “butts on a lip” when he saw the guys mince into the room.
by GerthPaul November 8, 2020
Homie; someone who’s your Garbanzo Guy.
Aye I know everybody knows Figmus has a tiny dick but he’s still my hummus boi.

Girth, tell all your hummus bois to come through we havin a blowbang!
by GerthPaul December 18, 2020
An expression said when one is most thoughtful in regards to PC terms; Sensitive to gender norms.
“Say Pontificus if u Woke!”

“There was a group of predominantly plus-sized males lined up in a queue with the sole intention of saying Pontificus”
by GerthPaul December 21, 2018
An extremely stinky winsul. Often presenting as malodorous or producing a horrendous scent.
Borogrove's stinkowicz was tiny but smelled huge.

Petrovich said that the homeboy Mutant Carl was woke but had an intensely putrid smelling stinkowicz.

Nobody ever stayed in Bogdon's office for more than 15 seconds because of his awful smelling stinkowicz.

Topeka generally goes for the guys with the most horrendous stinkowiczes.
by GerthPaul December 13, 2022
Bay Area slang for cock. Synonymous to “winçul.”
Boris’s winçent looked really spooky when he aligned it next to the homeboys BWC before the blowbang.

Reuben snickered at his friends winçent when he pulled it out in front of the guys and hadn’t gotten a Brazilian wax in a week.
by GerthPaul November 8, 2020
A positive exclamation of excitement or surprise.
Yo, when me and Babuche pulled up to the club with fresh ass Brazilians, we straight up said guys!

Yo, that bigos was straight fucking guys!

When he showed the crew his smears we all just said guys.

Mavis and his boys are known for being bull-peking guys.
by GerthPaul December 13, 2022