oh, no i'm a having a baby because i don't eat fiber
by Evil Tim September 15, 2003
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An old excuse for couples or families who have a baby. They use the baby to get advantage of others ,and since no one can resist the cuteness of a baby , people often do whatever they say. Well.. some do.
Example 1:

Saanzan: * walks into a line for the release of the new iPhone*

Randomdickhead2010: Mind if I can butt in line? I have a baby, so you better move or else I'll tell everyone you're a baby hater.

Saanzan: Should I care? Besides I got here a while ago!

Randomdickhead2010: OMG! YOU'RE A FAG! I'M GETTING THE SECURITY!!!

Example 2:

Randomdickhead2010: Can I have $20? Please , I have a baby! For my sake, please give me $20!

Saanzan: Too fucking bad, I worked hard for this money, even if you have a baby; I will not give you money.

Randomdickhead2010: I'M TELLING THE POLICE!!!

Example 3:

Randomdickhead2010: Don't hit me with the fucking basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saanzan: Dude, you're fucking 200 metres away from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Saanzan August 8, 2010
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An indecent way of proposing marriage to someone.
Asking someone to be connected to you for the rest of your lives. Eventually, you will hate each other because of this.
Coined by 50 Cent.
by dafoeswords November 30, 2009
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An exclamation used to convey sheer joy and excitement when someone does a good deed for you or for others, especially during times when you really needed it. The phrase comes from the idea that you're so thankful for the good deed that you'd be willing to offer them your (future) offspring.

It is basically a more melodramatic and facetious way of saying "you're the best!" (which can also be used together)
"Hey mate, I know we don't talk much anymore but I'm seriously having a money crisis right now. I just had to pay a fine and don't have enough money to pay rent which is due next week. I just need to borrow $50, I promise I'll pay it back as soon as I get my next paycheck."

"Of course, I gotchu man it's all gucci."

"Bruhhhh have my babies, you're the best!!!!"
by UwUltimateDoge June 12, 2021
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- What you say to someone who is full of epic win and you've run out of internets.

- You can sometimes give internets and babies if so you wish.
Person 1: (Says something full of win)
Me: Here, have some internets.
Person 2: (Says something full of win)
Me: Oh, I've run out of internets. Have my babies.
by ICallForAnEpicPie September 16, 2008
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The act of wanting to have rigorous sex to the point of having children with someone/someones
Every whore at a club: "omg that guy can have my babies"
by Quint1990 August 24, 2015
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After two helpings of Thanksgiving dinner last night and my morning cup of coffee, I feel like I'm going to have a baby through my ass.
by kingbruin April 29, 2011
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