11 definitions by baby

A very beautiful and smart individual. She doubts her self sometimes but in the end she will always be fine. If you find someone named Jaylannie, you are a very lucky person.
It's over. You may be beautiful but you're not a Jaylannie.
by baby February 28, 2017
noble is noble which is a noble thing to do..so there fore u r noble
nobleish u smell like noble
by baby April 6, 2005
A form of scenester. A more selective form, if you will. Usually associated with kids in a band or followers of an underground band. A style. A type of dress. You are born with Skandy. You stand a certain way. You talk a certain way. You look a certain way. You have great hair.
That kid is so Skandy.
by baby May 30, 2004
"people Like Us" commonly use among straight looking homosexual when identifying themselves among each other.
"hey, ur pal is hot, is he plu?"
by baby March 8, 2005
hey how much are those jeans?
78 bucks
holy crap! how much is that shirt?
35 bucks
holy crap!
by baby June 17, 2004