bryson, he is a one in a million guy. You will never come across a guy as impossibly perfect as a bryson. He's the type of guy that you day dream of in class and every song reminds you of him. He's the type that your face lights up and your heart races one hundred miles a minute when u get a text from him. A guy who you want to meet your parents. A guy who you look forward to seeing again and again. He's pretty amazing. He has a kind soul and a gentle heart. He's a great kisser like really good kisser. He's just the right amount of intensity. He's a gentleman and a romantic. He loves to surprise you. He's adorable absolutely adorable. He loves using the word babe. His eyes smile a certain way that make you feel butterflies everytime. His smile is so cute but he is a little self conscious of it. His laugh, everyone loves his laugh. it's so special and different from every other laugh. He is a child inside and loves all video games. He loves to take your phone and hide it (he thinks no one knows that he's flirting). He's a flirt but it's sweet. He's a great friend and you can trust him with your life. He's a guy that u might carry a piece of your heart for him everywhere you go. he's bryson i love him.
by lovedays February 20, 2017
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sweetest, hottest, best guy a woman could ever ask for. the man of my life
i love you bryson
by jamie March 24, 2004
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1) an amazing guy who doesn't even need to try to be amazing, it just happens naturally to him. 2) a kid who is really good at basketball, really tall, short hair and really cute. 3) naturally awesome!
Wow, that good looking guy over their, totally a bryson!
by haley838 July 11, 2008
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A cool fucking person in every perspective and is known for his extreme riches, he owns all.
by Frizzle! August 17, 2005
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person A-he is such a bryson, hes amazing!
person B- i know, right?
by babybunny<3 December 25, 2008
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one who beats anyone at everything, and who is totally crazy for some girl at a lake in montana. Also he beats her at everything
have you seen that bryson...he is a keeper
by bryson stelling August 3, 2008
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