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Gambling term, Bankroll Management. Usually refers to poker.

Proper bankroll management would be playing within your limits so you can withstand tough losses and bad beats. Unproper bankroll management would be putting a high percentage of your bankroll on the table at one time.
Sleightofjam used terrible brm and busted for the 543589543875th time this week after running up his original deposit.
by Hue Heffnot May 25, 2009
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An Archeological term used to abbreviate “bedrock mortar”— a rock depression made by Natives to grind grain, acorns, etc.
“This brm in the serpentine was used by coastal tribes to grind grains, seafood, and native plants”
by Dirtymongrel November 16, 2017
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Short for 'Big Red Machine', this user is known for his extreme use of nonsense racism. Also listens to crap.
BRM calls people niggers.
by yeah July 18, 2003
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