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An amount of money a Poker player (a gambler) has avaliable to him/her.
He has a massive bankroll, over $750,000.
by rollex September 15, 2006
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money, or the aquisitoion of.
damn dude look at that stash of cash man.....whats up with all that bankroll??
by herbiewa March 27, 2004
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In poker, the total sum of money that an individual player has at his/her disposal.
I just doubled my bank roll.
My bankroll is sitting at 10k.
by April 07, 2010
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An acquisition of a large sum of money from various means.
Lil Wayne: "One for the money, two for the show, now clap yo hands if you gotta bank roll."
by Planet Weezy July 10, 2008
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(n) To make a purchase out of the ordinary in terms of monitary value. Often for someone else, bank rolls also define those with a generous mentality, or someone who just wants to look like a baller.
-Using a credit card automaticly constitutes a bank roll.(it's money you don't have)
-To make a purchase that is a little bit obscene.
-Can be used often generally in life.
1. Vargha bank rolled a meal for Melissa with his credit card when she came to visit.

2. Dispite Nima's lack of funds, he managed to bank roll a flight to Toronto for his graduation.

3. If you're in a play, and you're role is the bank. You are a bank roll.

4. A hurricane hits and rolls the bank. Bank roll to the extreme.

5. Summersaulting into the bank. Acrobatic bank roll.

6. and if you're standing at the bank of a river....and a rock rolls by....uh...yeah.

7. To take a shot in basketball, bank it off the board, roll around the rim and go in. Truly a bank roll.
by lamo November 16, 2004
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