an unbreakable block in minecraft also used for making clickbait videos trying to break bedrock
guy:ooo bedrock time to use my pickaxe
bedrock: nah fuck you
by 1json March 16, 2021
when two are enjoying intercourse & the man shakes the bed
Girl: "Oooooo baby that was good"
Boy: "I made that bedrock gurl"
by laughoutloud01 January 5, 2010
One who smoked so much weed that he can't get any more stoned is known as being bedrocked.
bob, i told you if you smoked that entire joint you would get bedrocked. look at you now.
by Hueydude February 28, 2015
With all the myths surrounding politics, it's time that people talk with organizations that get to the bedrock.
by The Return of Light Joker March 22, 2011
to Insert flinstones chewable vitamins into a vagina and then perform cunnilingus on said vagina. the combination of vaginal secretion and the vitamins produce a powerful hallucigenic. sorry to get graphic, but this shit totally works. i bedrocked this one chick a month back and i started tripping so hard i thought her vagina was trying to swallow me. I got scared and ran off. in retrospect, i feel bad because she didn't finish.
Dude, i was bedrocking your little sister, and i started tripping so hard i thought her cooter was a taco.
by bedrocker March 26, 2010
The most awesome little town in the world. Population... 8 people. LOL
Greatest place ever to live and love.
Beyond Mayberry... it's Bedrock
by T's Grammy October 20, 2008
1.)nickname associated with B. E. Drocco
2.)compound word commonly used in pickup lines
3.) yeah yeah you can also find BEDrock in the flintstones
Hey! My name's BEDrock... can i make your BED rock?
by tha BEDrock April 15, 2005