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To jump around a lot, keep showing up at different places.

E.g. Never stay in one spot for long.
I.e. Business travelling. Band Touring.

Originally intended for large distances, hence "coast".
But nowadays (with more instant updating and specific geo tagging) not limited to. One might as well be showing up at different places (preferably peripherally opposite) in a city given a delimited time period.

Can be described as a more conscious type of jet lag. You are aware of your body not catching up to acclimatize to the new surroundings.
Seen on George's wall:
"Tuesday: George checked in @New York"
"Wednesday: George checked in @San Francisco"
"Friday: George checked in @Washington"

- Hehe :) travel a lot this week, George?
- Yes, I've been (feeling) a bit by coastal lately ;)
by Edward E. Murdoch November 22, 2011
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