Dan: Man, I had the best steak at Outback the other day...
Mike: Dang, I haven't been to Outback in a brick!
by Kaceboss_ December 20, 2016
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In agreement with the first poster to this term, bricking is commonly used in the electronics industry by software developers when updating a piece of hardware with a software update that renders the hardware useless after the update.
Examples of bricking:

I just updated the set top box and I bricked it.

I just got my itouch/iphone can't wait to jailbreak it. (a few hours later) "Oh Sh*t I just bricked it!"
by ricbax May 17, 2009
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In a state of great fear, very scared/in the process of 'shitting a brick'. (UK slang-derived from being so scared that you 'shit a brick')
'As the headmaster could be heard coming up the stairs to the girls dormitories me and my mates were bricking it'.
by Cephalopod55 August 29, 2020
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really cold or freezing weather outside
Yo Shaney its fuckin BRICK out here.. lets go inside hoe.
by Shaney Fawn December 17, 2008
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a pound or kilogram of any drug (item requires clarification from speaker as to the amount intended)
I get my dope straight off a brick. (implying said substance is pure, clean, and untampered with)
by The Butcher of Raleigh June 20, 2003
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Last night Tiffany was looking so good i was on brick the entire party.
by NappyNo August 7, 2017
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An extended period of time

To wait for a long time
(Marty called Randolph)

Marty: Yo I haven't seen you in a brick, wanna chill?

Randolph: Yeah sure.

"Yo man this uber is taking a brick to get here"
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