What you do to something, or someone, that you despise.
Basically, you use a brick or half-brick as a projectile or clubbing weapon.
I bricked that cop car! Then they arrested me and I went to jail. Now my ass hurts.

Barry bricked Jimbo in the face! He knocked out three teeth!
by Chris Hallett October 5, 2007
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To remove your pets genitals (usally male) by putting its balls between two bricks and slamming them together.
"Bob our cat kept fuckin' our neighbours dog so we gotim' bricked"
by Haydes October 6, 2007
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Dude, this party is bricked, where are the ladies? Dude, I bricked out my whole life, I got the A.I.D.S.
by unsonny December 27, 2005
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high and drunk, from the slang words stoned and plastered.
after 10 shots and quite a few tokes, she was too bricked to think straight
by lusy p March 9, 2004
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heavily influenced by both wacky tobaccy and liquor
after a hard day's rocking, our boy F.D.R. oft enjoyed getting bricked in Fort Greene Park--the park in which nine of his eleven children were concieved.
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gettin a brick thrown threw yo shit!
1. yo dat bitch bricked my car
2. dont get yo momma house bricked nigga!
by Miss Kiara October 13, 2007
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When someone ties something (usually a brick) to your dick and then throws the brick. thus making lots of pain
Dude malia bricked me while i was asleep, it sure woke the fuck out of me; and now my dick hurts so bad.
by Shun July 21, 2004
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