The highest level of chola known to the mexican community. They generally have a small to even smaller sized penis and a head the size of a watermellon. Wearing black sports caps and slicking there hair back, they tend to think that they are "smooth" when dealing with the opposite sex but usually get laughed at, slapped, or have drinks thrown on them. Pay no regard to these "pickford cholas" as they only cause mayhem to gardens and taco bells across the nation.....
chola "Damn that Pickford Chola..... keeps takin his sweet as fuckin time!!"

"If you ever use a bong as a microphone, then this may also be described as a Pickford Chola"

"Ever destroyed a kitchen cooking a small meal? Damn, thats a Pickford Chola and a half!!"

"Came home in a drunken rage and ripped a railing off?? Pickford Chola..."

"Tossed a dishwasher across the room??? Pickford Chola"
by fooz420 January 24, 2013
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Pickford was played by Shawn Andrews in the 1993 film Dazed and Confused. Kevin Pickford was Michelle's boyfriend who dealt pot for a living, so he could pay off the car dealership who sold him his 1970 Pontiac GTO. In the film he drove around in his rad car getting wacked out on weed, and destroying private property. As you can tell by closely watching his countenace during the film, he spent most of his time in la la land, off in his own imagination. Very expressive eyes, I'll give him that.
Pickford was often heard calling the school newbies junior, as in Watch ya step, junior! He was the baddest ass in Dazed and Confused, a cult classic film of 1993.
by Agent Chainsawlady September 20, 2004
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jack loves jill like pickford loves rekha
by louise March 23, 2004
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He is proof that the dinosaurs are still around
"There is a Jordan Pickford with his arms like a t rex"
"And he has conceded a goal from 15 yards because his arms are far to small"
by Nobbybobby January 12, 2020
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Molly is a whole lot of fun rolled into one huge human. She is also a very hot bitch who will be forever alone.
Molly Pickford is forever alone but hot so it is okay.
by Gossip girl xo March 28, 2013
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Having smaller arms than a T-Rex
Person 1 - "Hey, have you seen that guy?"
Person 2 - "Yeah, look at that pickford"
Person 1- "They are small to be fair"
by PseudoNombre March 30, 2021
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