"he was feeding me complete brews"
"I brewed up that presentation for my boss"
by s March 30, 2004
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A kind of drink which usually makes people horny
Person 1: I love you

Person 2:have you had a brew?
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by Hermione Malfoy February 06, 2017
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To succeed at something; obtaining or in the process of achieving a certain goal.
We curated an art show last weekend and it brewed. People came out and supported.
by AUDA August 04, 2016
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When something is not-lame you can say that it brews.
Cody: "what do you think of that car?"
Cat: "it brews."
by Cody-Joe July 13, 2017
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To not soak a tea bag in hot water and bounce it around in class but to strain some delicious tea or coffee at home in a professional coffee maker.
"I have to brew my tea"

"Mr. D it's not brewing"

"Yes it is, it says it right here"....

hands student box

......"I will fight you on this."
by .....softballgirl....... February 17, 2015
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