An amazing guy. Loyal. Loving. Sexy as hell. Sweet. Known for his sense of humor and craziness. Loves to have a good time with friends. Loves making new friends. Will try anything once and if he likes it will do it more.Typically a country boy who loves to drink. More street smart than book smart. He is very open. He would give you the shirt off his own back if you needed it, but don't cross him because he is not afraid to beat someone's ass, no matter how big the other guy is. Afraid of nothing. Never backs down. Protects the ones he loves. He never forgets anything. Try's to be tough but deep down is a big baby. Has a heart of gold.
That Brenton sure is a good guy, he is so funny and affable.
by LovesaguynamedBrenton September 13, 2011
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n. A great guy that's funny. Knows karate and has a black belt. But can't do a back flip. Known to play Xbox a lot. Good at playing COD4.
Peter: Dude how many days of cod have you played all together?
Brenton: 'bout 17 I think?
by Lion Girl 1881 May 23, 2009
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Ability to make one's self sick when something doesn't suit them.
I'm going to pull a Brenton today because there is a big test in math.
by WRT1900AC August 15, 2018
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He is an amazing person who will go above and beyond to make you happy . He is extremely charming . He strives to make you laugh . To other he seems like an asshole but really he has a heart of gold . He loves to make you laugh but also can make you cry with his word choice alone . He likes the country way more than the city . Also he is overprotective of his love ones . In bed he is a BEAST ,and will make tap out . He also has a really big penis . Last but not least , he will beat your ass.
Wow that’s a Brenton moment
by Tallywacker123 November 27, 2018
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A cute, gassy man. attracts many girls. known for his sense of humor and charm. Intelligent but sometimes doesn't use it. Normally very horny but will wait patiently if he loves you. Can eat you out of house and home if you let him.
"Man I'm feeling really BRENTON right now, I have to take a cold shower"
by Plussizelizzy May 06, 2010
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A likable kind of guy. He will love you till death and is very good at Xbox
Man how does Brenton do it
by NativeGhost November 14, 2016
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