ara dou boz es means are u a whore?
by koo yoberet May 16, 2006
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Armenian for 'bitch.' It is a very disrespectful name to call somebody.
Toon boz es, meaning 'you are a bitch'
by imadinosaur12 May 27, 2009
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"Yo, flop your boz on that puss"

"Lets Boz"
by Bozniche May 7, 2005
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To be so totally wasted as to appear to require medical assistance.
I was completely bozzed at the Good Vibrations festival.
by Oridata April 7, 2004
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noun (boz)

1. a colloquial abbreviation for bother

ca. 2002 - shortening of bother --> boz
What's your boz? Commonly used with jobjob e.g.
What's your boz, jobjob?


Don't boz me man, I'm busy.
by Aeros2 February 29, 2012
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A promising writer at the beginning of his or her literary career. Usually they stop being a 'boz' after the publication of their third novel or memoir.

It is derived from the pen-name of Charles Dickens, under which he published works such as "Oliver Twist".

Pronounced 'bowz'.
Dave Eggers will not be a Boz for long; He is writing his third book.
by Steepo June 18, 2006
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the most lovely boyfriend in the world who is sexy, gorgeous and funny. and a brill mate as well.boz meaning(legend)
bob marley is a boz
by faye and bryony March 5, 2004
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