Morrissey or moz's guitarist during his solo work.
Boz played an awesome guitar during the Morrissey concert
by larry says hi October 14, 2005
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I eat one more cheese stick, there is going to be nasty boz all over the couch.
by Paul Turtle March 01, 2004
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v.i. To act in a manner reminiscent of Bozo the clown; silly, crazy, foolish, embarassing to self but enjoyable for others.

n. A person acting inexplicably stupid or strange.

adj. bozetic: to act like a boz.
Did you see that drunk guy boz on the tricycle? He drove it straight into a telephone pole and fell on his ass!

What a drunken boz!

Let's see what bozetic thing he does next!
by Chief Bootysmackah May 31, 2004
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When a situation or thing has gone completely to shit.
Alex: So I got my results from the doctors...I got herpes man.

Ray: Oh that's boz.


"Guess what guys? 3000 word essay due tommorow!"
"That's so freakin' boz!"
by no_need October 29, 2008
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boz is the scientific name given to a boy when they become world champions in either chess or debating. Also, a person by the name of boz is also known for his mathamatic ability and love of physics. Boz is on first name terms with all teachers, especially biology and maths teachers.
Singdanger: gee boz, wouldnt it be great to be able to attend that chess tornament thats being played in Vladistok, russia at the moment???
Boz: yes it would singdanger, but you know our commitments to physics outweigh all other activities we partake in.
Singdanger:yeh, your right, perhaps we should commence our study on quantem physics.
Boz:ok, ok, just let me finish this essay on the guberman-drought theorem.
by singdanger September 30, 2006
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