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British cousin of the Ricer. Commonly drive small cars around Essex, England.
BR: looka me! i got an escort/vuaxhall nova/ renualt clio with a spioler, fat tyres, a maxpower sticker and neon lighting.

ME: So what engine mods did you put in?

BR: Eh???
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
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Someone who thinks its clever to spend ยฃ5,000 tarting up a ยฃ50 piece of crap that is one MOT away from the junk yard, fit it with a stereo pumping out more power than the engine, remove the suspension, destroying what little handling ability it had, and a set of wheels that look like rejects for the London Eye. The exhaust must look like it's been robbed off an F15 Eagle. I have yet to find out what mod they do to the drivers seat to make them all drive canted over to the left like their spine is buggered.
Most Nova SR's
by postie April 04, 2004
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A level headed young male between the age of 17-25 who sensibly makes modifications to his vehicle to improve performance. The use of offensive stickers, spoliers borrowed from British Airways, clear tail-lights that give you a headache and practical rims that cost more than the car are all well implemented by the boy racer. As all boy racers are aware, such modifications make a car not only cool but endlessly faster. Most boy racers obtain this valuable information from such reliable sources as their mates.

Boy racers are also known to drive recklessly, as doing so clearly helps in impressing the opposite sex and compensating for sexual inadequacy. The effect that this has on sensible motorists and elderly pedestrians is generally not taken into consideration. It is not a widely held belief amongst boy racers that motorists will eventually tire of them and encourage them off the road with a nudge from a pick-up truck, or pedestrains will get a sudden surge of adrenaline and hurl a rock through their window and/or plastic spoiler. However, some motorists theorise this will happen.

In conclusion, boy racers make excellent 'airfix' style modifications to their vehicle and spend an admiral amount of time and money modifying a cheap, crappy car with a small engine. Srangely, these modifications never seem to improve performance. They also drive with extreme charisma, few people could claim to handle a vehicle with such spectacular incompetance.

Just don't ask them to change the oil filter, drive up an incline or reverse a trailer.
Typical boy racer: A young lad possesing a greater amount of hair wax than brain cells, in posession of a Citroen Saxo 1.1 litre which his mother has paid for and has sensibly had the kind of money spent on it with which you could conceivably buy a decent car.
by Electric_blues August 22, 2006
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A idiot who spends more on his car than he does on anything else. Buys stupid exhausts that sound like he's letting one rip, buys spoilers and pretty lights to make it look more attractive to the scrap men. Buys body kits and engine upgrades to make it more attractive to the police. Often they dont have insurance and drive like idiots, and often try to race other motorists even though they get beaten by a Transit van or Austin Alegro

There stereo has more power output than there engine, and they often meet up at ASDA's car park to have a "cruize" around "da town" ... Avoid like the plague, they think they are the next Lewis Hamilton!

They also help increase the insurance for the young people who do actually drive sensibly
That guy over there is so thick, his stero provides more power than his damn engine! Stupid Boyracer, i hope the cops impound that heap of tin!
by TheChavHater July 17, 2010
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A guy usually around the age of 17 which has borrowed his grans's car usually a Corsa and modified it with speakers and a spoiler. One can normally find them blasting tunes in Tesco carpark or driving 14 year olds to and from McDonalds.
Rhys: Ever since, Nick borrowed his gran's Corsa he has been acting like a right Boy Racer.

Laurence: I know what you mean, yesterday I saw him in McDonalds with a group of 14 year old girls.

Rhys: Fuck sake, Nick
by The Reptilian Overlord February 11, 2016
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Boy racer :

Some Johnno/Deano who owns a shitty Nova, Corsa, Fiesta, Escort, Clio (the list goes on) or anything remotely shite and whacks aload of shitty max power freebie stickers (without actually owning any of the makes), driving like a cunt and generally being a tit end.

Not to be confused with a Modder or Tuner which actually put in the time and money to increase performance from their car substantialy and partipate in real, legal events.
Awww, did you see simmo in his sorted Nova last week? He put his new HKS and Blitz decals on his door, they look immense!

(Of course HKS and Blitz are a JAP tuning brand and you wont find them in a dirty lil Nova)
by maddatta November 20, 2004
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