Is an idoit that thinks the greatest thing in life is to drive along the seafront every single day with lasses in there car that arent even old enough to smoke! and the only thing they ever talk about is cars even though they usualy dont know much!
Getting finished for a car after a year and half of being together.i wouldnt mind but it was a shitty sierra
by Angela April 19, 2004
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Idiots who spend all their money doing up cars only your granny would drive and as a result spend every Saturday night hanging around petrol station forecourts until my boss makes me hunt them down.

See also Smegheads
Damn boyracers in the forecourt again. Snake, get the shotgun.
by Snake August 16, 2004
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A child minded man with a drivers licence and a vehicle who has no regard for the saftey of self or anybody else.
Totaly incompatent driver, masively insecure about self and inability to get laid.
The guy with the Austin Metro with a rear spoiler and low profile tyres and spud cannon exhaust is a Boy Racer
by Barnes December 04, 2003
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a young lad aged between 17 and 40 who has his banging rave tunes pulsating through the rotting door panels of his vauxhall nova sr which has been painted in a stupid sky (crayon) blue colour with a (bean tin) big bore 4 exhaust bolted to the back of its ridiculously low arse end,and its crap (rocky's) paint job over sprayed onto the windows, and shitty "go faster stickers" up the doors,what a tumble weed!
look at that boy racer trying to make his shit box go faster, it aint gona happen mate!
by pac dogg February 12, 2004
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Total losers who spend more money doing up their cars, than what they actually paid for the car.

They like to drive up and down the same road trying to act cool with their exhaust which sounds like a dying cow.

Populate Essex aswell.
That Boy Racer fag paid more money to trick it out than the car. Oh wait wow, he has a girl in the frotn seat who isn't even legal to read Never Never Land yet!
by Cloud November 22, 2004
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A level headed young male between the age of 17-25 who sensibly makes modifications to his vehicle to improve performance. The use of offensive stickers, spoliers borrowed from British Airways, clear tail-lights that give you a headache and practical rims that cost more than the car are all well implemented by the boy racer. As all boy racers are aware, such modifications make a car not only cool but endlessly faster. Most boy racers obtain this valuable information from such reliable sources as their mates.

Boy racers are also known to drive recklessly, as doing so clearly helps in impressing the opposite sex and compensating for sexual inadequacy. The effect that this has on sensible motorists and elderly pedestrians is generally not taken into consideration. It is not a widely held belief amongst boy racers that motorists will eventually tire of them and encourage them off the road in a pick-up truck, or pedestrains will get a sudden urge of adrenaline and hurl a rock through their window and/or plastic spoiler. However, some motorists theorise this will happen.

In conclusion, boy racers make excellent 'airfix' style modifications to their vehicle and spend an admiral amount of time and money modifying a cheap, crappy car with a small engine. Srangely, these modifications never seem to improve performance. They also drive with extreme charisma, few people could claim to handle a vehicle with such spectacular incompetance.

Just don't ask them to change the oil filter, drive up an incline or reverse a trailer.
Typical boy racer: A young lad possesing a greater amount of hair wax than brain cells, in posession of a Citroen Saxo 1.1 litre which his mother has paid for and has sensibly had the kind of money spent on it with which you could conceivably buy a decent car.
by Electric_blues August 21, 2006
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a young male, who drives around in a late model car - usu. his parents or brought off his parents credit card, blasting out limp bizkitt or rap music at 200,000db and wanting to race every motorist they see, often referred to as scum, spoilt brats, losers,
see those boyracers over there??? im guuna ram his car off the road - that spoilt fucker
by Brother Number One May 06, 2003
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