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every girl's best friend is someone who is there for you inspite of the negative things you do and say to them. Someone who will laugh and cry with you in the mist of their problems. Someone who will give you their last even if they need it.
If you are angry with your friend and use against them information that only you know and you still remain friends, that's a best friend.
by Angela February 26, 2004
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a person who be claiming to things that are not true like claiming to be in a gang
that boy claim he a blood but he just a false claimer
by Angela April 16, 2005
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a show of extreme slowness in mental capacity.
how dody is that...?
by Angela June 6, 2003
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An insult usually used playfully in a flirty nature.
Sexy guy, you're a dorkbutt!
by Angela June 22, 2004
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dork (a whale penis) wad(another word for cum/ejaculation)
It's time to spank the whale and get a dorkwad.
by Angela August 18, 2004
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