people that dropped out of school and used their money from their paper round to buy their vauxall nova and take 14 year old girls for rides in them jus coz they cant get girls their own age.
:mum gis a couple'a quid so i ca' ge' sum petrol.ta
by conrad March 16, 2004
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A silly young lad with a rice burner and a small penis.
Oh look at that *insert shitty Japanese 4 banger*. The driver must have a very small penis.
by Never late in a Big V8 January 15, 2005
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Someone who drives a slow underpowered car, like a 1.0l Vauxhall Corsa, modified with cheap non-functional parts from eBay. Includes a big glue-on bodykit with fake vents, a cheap big spoiler or rear wing which doesn't do anything, and lots of stickers, which the owner thinks add 5hp each. The car will often also have a set of fake BBS wheels, as well as red brake callipers and discs, which they think add power. The car will usually have some of the suspension removed, to make the car look lower (even though doing it this way compromises handling), and a massive fartcan exhaust that the owner could fit their head in. The point of this loud, power-sapping exhaust is to draw attention to how awful the rest of the car is. Loads of loud speakers inside the car so everyone outside their car can "appreciate" their "tunes".

The driver drives badly. He thinks:

1) that the car should be bouncing of the rev limiter for at least 5 seconds before he upshifts.
2) the McDonalds car park is a racetrack
3) that they are professional racing drivers
Boy racers are idiots who think stickers add power
by JDMisLife December 09, 2016
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1. Term originating in the mid 90's to describe young men (between the ages of 13-20) who were into the import racing scene and drove stylized import cars.

2. A type of automotive styling noted by huge bumpers and side skirts on a car, usually accompanied by a large mould formed solid piece spoiler or wing mounted on the trunk.
Jose is into that boy racer crap.

That car is your typical boy racer styling.
by BoostCreep May 17, 2009
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someone who takes pride in there(ride),u will find people who dis(boy racers) because they own shite cars and have no cash to do them up....maxed
fiesta 1.4i spend 2k bigger engine,big wheels oh and smoke ya off the lights,like jess atkinson's sexy beast
by jessica atkinson May 11, 2005
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boys thinking they r gr8. driving around in their corsas or novas wiv bangin tunes full blast. hang around on weekends in car parks wiv utha bad boy wannabes.
u gannin boy racin 2nite like hew?
by kelly March 04, 2004
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