boyfriend to bros (sees gf walking up) : "yeah that's my 50 piece shawty (girlfriend)"
by SYZTEE August 5, 2017
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-fifty chicken nuggets available at most Mcdonalds worldwide.
-comes in a giant reusable bucket
-great for sharing
-$20.00 plus tax
After doing chores, Tom and his brother took their $20.00 earnings to McDonalds where they ordered a 50 piece chicken mcnuggets.
by Tara M M M May 7, 2008
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Used to describe a football player whose passes or shots go anywhere other than intended.

Insinuates that the player's feet at shaped like a seven-sided coin used in the UK, adding a random directional factor to any strike of the ball.
by KloppOut January 12, 2023
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