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Someone who thinks its clever to spend £5,000 tarting up a £50 piece of crap that is one MOT away from the junk yard, fit it with a stereo pumping out more power than the engine, remove the suspension, destroying what little handling ability it had, and a set of wheels that look like rejects for the London Eye. The exhaust must look like it's been robbed off an F15 Eagle. I have yet to find out what mod they do to the drivers seat to make them all drive canted over to the left like their spine is buggered.
Most Nova SR's
by postie April 04, 2004

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A derogatory term for a homosexual male
Julian Clary
by postie April 06, 2004

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used by the chav in multiple contexts. Usually relates to sexual intercourse but can also be used in a fight context or that of theft, criminal damage or drugs.
C'mon then. I'll do you cos I'm 'ard innit. (beat you up)

I'm gonna do Sharon tonight (have sexual intercourse with)

I'm gonna do his fucking car tonight (vandalise/steal)
by postie April 04, 2004

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A chav, charver or scally under the age of about 12. Worse than adult specimens because they know the child protection laws better than the average lawyer, and hence giving one of the little darlings the dry slap he/she so richly deserves will land you in court faster than you can say "knocked off PlayStation".
Look at that little shitbag
by postie April 04, 2004

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a magical juce made from the sweetest and passionate love between Postie and Azya.
"Let's make some emonade, Azya."

"I'd love to, Postie. I'd love to."
by postie February 16, 2004

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