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When you go to Canal Street in Manhattan, NYC (or a similar knockoff hotspot) and load up on all the fake Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Fendi, Moncler, Stone Island, Hermes, Chanel, Rolex, Apple, and other designer/expensive stuff you could ever want. Basically a field day for people who want to have "drip" and look expensive but don't have the assets to drop bands on clothing and accessories.
Jordan: Hey Mark, check out my new Rolex, Moncler, and AirPods that I got yesterday!

Mark: Cool, but don't you work at the $1 pizza place?

Jordan: Yeah but I've been saving for a while

Mark: Okay, but your Moncler patch doesn't scan and your AirPods literally say "Ze Blutoothe devise haz beeen cunnected" like those tiktoks. Seems like you got yourself the Canal Street Special. You don't need to be doing this just stop trying to fit in so much and worry about more important things such as friends and actually making more money.
by TriBeCaBoy56 December 24, 2021
A neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. While previously known for its shipping docks and industrial nature, it has been built up and gentrified with tall all-glass luxury buildings within the last 10-15 years.

Many of these buildings have lots of nice amenities such as a washer and dryer in all units, dishwashers, fancy appliances, city views, gyms, pools, parking, and much more depending on the building. Lots of new young professionals live here and drop more of their paycheck than they should on fancy studio or one-bedroom apartments. Essentially the McMansion version of apartments. Super nice, but soulless and without any real history.

Some of the buildings: Sky, 555Ten, Atelier, The Eugene, Silver Towers, EOS, Waterline Square, etc.
Person 1: Yeah I live over in Hudson Yards at Sky. Sadly it's just an alcove studio on the 26th floor :(

Person 2: That's cool and all, but those places have no history and feel like a hotel room all the time. When you start making $$$ as an MD or President at Bank of America get a renovated brownstone. The best of both worlds: Old charm with new amenities.
by TriBeCaBoy56 December 30, 2022
Another word for the Travis Scott burger at McDonalds, which is just a baconquarter pounder with cheese meal. Suprisingly only 20 cents more that the regular Bacon Quarter Pounder w/ cheese meal.
Kid 1: Man, you wanna get a travvy patty
Kid 2: Dude it's just a quarter pounder meal with bacon, nothing special
Kid 1: But Cacuts Jack told us to get it!
Kid 2: Fine, I'm kinda hungry anyways.
*At the Drive Thru
Kid 1: Ya'll already know what I'm here for; the Travvy Patty. Cactus Jack sent me
(Sicko Mode starts playing in the background)
by TriBeCaBoy56 September 14, 2020
A set of Nike Pants, Hoodies, and Shorts that are made special by putting a layer of foam in between the layers of fleece. Super comfortable, but super expensive (Hoodies and Pants are >$100)

Also, often associated with rap music and is seen as a status symbol in said scenes.
Josh (At the Nordstrom): Yeah, I'll take two sets of Nike tech fleece jackets and joggers, one in gray and one in black.

Josh (In the car on his way home): Man, with the music career popping off, I could finally cop some Nike tech fleece and this new Scat Pack!
by TriBeCaBoy56 January 23, 2022
A person who is obsessed with guns/firearms, sometimes to an unhealthy level. While not automatically a bad person, is often not well in the head and lets it show in other ways too. Also, often has thoughts about shooting others legally, often in self-defense as to get away with it scott-free.

Usually has too many guns, talks about guns all the time, and centers their whole personality around guns (usually including posts about the 2nd Amendment and "freedom" or something else like that.
Ammosexual: I love this new Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 rifle! I think I'll go to the range later and shoot some targets, and maybe, just maybe, someone will break into my house and I can shoot that scumbag's brains out!

Ammosexual's Wife: I mean I like guns too, but do you really need 14 assault rifles, 17 handguns, two sniper rifles, and a minigun, essentially?

Ammosexual: Yes, it is necessary to my freedoms and rights to bear arms. It's also essential to ym happiness.
by TriBeCaBoy56 June 7, 2022
When you take MDMA, Shrooms, and LSD at different intervals to peak at different times and get a "Brain-Melting" effect. Usually done at music festivals, but can be a good time anywhere.
Person 1: Ay yo! I got all 3: Shrooms, MDMA, and Acid!
Person 2: Nice bro! Let's do a Jedi Bomb and listen to EDM
Person 1: And even better, I got us both tickets to EDC Las Vegas!
Person 2: Shiiiii man, lets go have some fun!
by TriBeCaBoy56 September 12, 2020
How it starts is when some shallow mf in the club at the table next to yours says something about you being poor or something else stupid, you feel the need to "defend your honor." Basically, you order some expensive overpriced bottle to show them who's boss. Following that, they order something even more expensive or multiple bottles. Continue for multiple turns. Mainly really fake people do this, as it's just a vapid display of wealth

Also, you may be shocked to see the damage to your bank account as some people rack up bills in the 10s of thousands occasionally. Don't do it kids, not worth the cost.
Tyson: Hey your girl ugly and that Rolex looks like it's from canal street. Broke Ass

Jamal: Man fuck you and your booty haircut-Hey let's get two bottles of Grey goose up in here!

Tyson: Shit, lemme get a bottle of Dom P . Bottle Service War incoming (sigh)

(continue for 2-6 more rounds)
by TriBeCaBoy56 January 4, 2022