Street in SoHo (lower Manhattan) stretching from the Holland Tunnel to Washington Square Park where many, many street vendors gather to sell an array of things such as fake Rolexs and other watches, fake Gucci, fake Prada, fake Louis Vaton, fake shoes, fake Oakley sunglasses, fake basketball jerseys, lighters, fake jewelry, marijuana smoking paraphanelia, ethnic crafts, drugs, bootleg CDs, bootleg movies, electronic devices, and much more. It is a very fun place to go to if you are visiting the city.
I got my entire wordrobe on canal street.
by deee June 23, 2004
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Street in Manchester (UK) that runs alongside the canal; Famous for it's bars and clubs that cater for a mainly homosexual crowd. Often refered to as Anal Treat/Anal Treats. Runs through the "Gay Village" which is home for many other LGBT orientated venues.
by Jaynezy January 23, 2005
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To copy another persons mannerisms and or verbage. To bite ones style.
Yo son, don't canal street my walk. Yo son, you just canal streeted my idea.
by Thomas Krown January 12, 2009
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When you go to Canal Street in Manhattan, NYC (or a similar knockoff hotspot) and load up on all the fake Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Fendi, Moncler, Stone Island, Hermes, Chanel, Rolex, Apple, and other designer/expensive stuff you could ever want. Basically a field day for people who want to have "drip" and look expensive but don't have the assets to drop bands on clothing and accessories.
Jordan: Hey Mark, check out my new Rolex, Moncler, and AirPods that I got yesterday!

Mark: Cool, but don't you work at the $1 pizza place?

Jordan: Yeah but I've been saving for a while

Mark: Okay, but your Moncler patch doesn't scan and your AirPods literally say "Ze Blutoothe devise haz beeen cunnected" like those tiktoks. Seems like you got yourself the Canal Street Special. You don't need to be doing this just stop trying to fit in so much and worry about more important things such as friends and actually making more money.
by TriBeCaBoy56 December 24, 2021
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A person/object who is very fake/false/misleading is just like a fake wanna-be-brand-name bag sold for dirt cheap on the famous Canal Street in New York City: appears to be the real thing instead it will break apart on you in the middle of the street when you count on it the most.
Oh please I knew she was a liar, she's as fake as a Fendi on Canal Street!


That is definitely a knock-off, can't you see it's as fake as a Fendi on Canal Street?


With that Fendi on Canal Street of a girlfriend he has, I wouldn't be surprised if he took her out of his will!
by jurjinator March 20, 2010
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Something you bought that isn't directly from the brand/designer; a knock-off.
Friend #1: I love your Uggs. Did you buy them on the UggAustralia website?

Friend #2: Nah, they were a canal street special.
by mgaze1234 January 11, 2012
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