A strong urge for something. Commonly used after a noun.
I have wedding fever but I don’t want to go through all the planning for it.
by Rose water December 21, 2018
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Enhypen's best song ever. The vibe, lyrics, instruments, visuals, voices and clothing ARE FREAKING GOOD!
Me: Oh my god! Have you heard enhypen's new song fever?
Jay: Mixed up is better tho-
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Feeling like you are going to die. Feeling like your head is burning and on fire, Stomach hurts really bad, and makes you feel like throwing up.
My fever makes me want to drop dead.
by CucumbersForAll April 11, 2019
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Term taken from the song "Fever" by The Black Keys, meaning a person who loves someone but they don't love them back.
me: I love Camedon so much but he won't even talk to me anymore.

my friend: It's been a month. You've got to get over your fever.
by PajSmaskattKo January 2, 2017
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cool, or impressive.

"Hey Baby. Lookin pretty feva today."
"Dawg that was sooo fever when i made that shot"
"My friend alejandro is quite ill, he has a fever of one hundred and one degrees! it would do him best to stay at home."
"nigga you neeeed to be checkin out this song. It is soo fever."

by Real O.G. Flavor April 10, 2009
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When that one person who is right for you makes you feel great and warm inside.
Your sitting next to each other and the other person reaches out her or his hand to hold yours. Thants FEVER BABY!
by Junny November 7, 2003
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In any activity when one person is going ham/hard in the paint. As to say someone just did something sick
Bro, you had that fever out there. You were saucing kids left and right
by BunBrice November 9, 2010
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