Someone or something that is aggravating. From the combination of the words "bother" and "aggravation".
That guy keeps calling here! He is beginning to be a botheration.
by Brennon Guilbeau March 7, 2006
Effort, worry, or difficulty; bother.
Botheration! We still don't know who killed Ms. Hartt by bashing her head in with that big-ass lamp. My money though is on that fucking faggoty limp-wristed choreographer!
by Telephony April 20, 2018
When you go up to snape, push him repeatedly and yell "BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER"
Snape: Im snape, the potions master
Harry: the're he is, now lets go bother him
Harry: That was fun!
Ron: I like the part where he stopped moving!
by Mr-crumble August 27, 2009
Irish colloquial expression. To have no worries or problems about one's self. For something to not be a problem. To be unvexed by something.
Ah no bother about that.

That's no bother to me.
by October 30, 2010
A term used to describe the level to which an individual is affected by a situation or piece of information.
The level of BOTHERANCE which I experienced was 60%

There was a BOTHERANCE factor of 2/10 when I found out about him cheating on me.
by Flizznick July 20, 2005
a fun activity that involves running around a person and softly batting at them with your arms while saying "Bother bother bother."
"let's go bother snape!" "Yes, lets!"
"Bother bother bother bother!"
by Crazy V April 30, 2007