A person who composes and arranges dances,esp.ballets, for the stage.
The choreographer showed us how to do the dance for our first song.
by The Dictionary Nerd December 21, 2017
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Used to describe the scene in musicals where people in the street know the words and tune to the song sung by any main character, and instantly know the dance routines including, but not limited to: jumping over barrels, swinging girls in the hair and juggling. This is all despite being total strangers.

This is all supposed to be spontaneous, of course, but naturally - it's actually choreographed
"Oliver! really made me laugh. What did you think of all the choreographed spontaneity?"
by Antihero May 1, 2005
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Often a technique used in musical productions to emphasize enhance the show. Also known as dance
by JvJ24601 June 26, 2004
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A choreographed slide is similar to a drift/power slide.

Let me explain the difference.

Drifting/power sliding is the act of breaking the back end of your vehicle loose and sliding sideways around a corner without losing any of your entry speed.

Choreographed slideing is the act of doing whatever it takes to make the drifting/power sliding look as cool as possible. Whether that means slowing down right before entering the drift/power slide, losing some of your entry speed to give you the control you need to increase your angle without spinning out or to do a burnout while you perform your drift/power slide.
Do not confuse this definition of choreographed slide with the dance move of the same name.
by Callsign Legend June 15, 2016
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