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A very kind and loving soul. Loves to have sex and talk about weird shit. Loves to watch streams and likes girls. Wants to watch porn but cant because has a shit internet.
I dont know what to write here borys
by Maxadiddle May 20, 2018
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"What did she say to you?" "Oh nothing just some bory about her cat"

"What happened?" "Ok this is a bory but I was walking to work and..."
"YOGA bories, ugh they're the worst kind"
by Borey August 03, 2015
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Fat little cunt who can't lose a game. He blames the team every time even if there isn't one. He is a one salty shit
Borys you pilock .
via giphy
by Buuquefuss April 04, 2018
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a girl who is a HUMONGOUS sex addict. she's very horny.
dude that hoe is a bories, she fucked me and 5 other guys in one night
by linda09 June 11, 2005
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