A guy/female that is a little too flirty with every female/guy they meet
“You a little too friendly with that nigga
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Someone who is scared, so they act like they are friends with the people they don’t like.
Denis: Ciara is friendly, she just told me she didn’t like Karla.

Donna: Then why is she hanging out with her.
by Philipsunicorn May 4, 2018
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(pl. friendlies)
1. Used to indicate an object, usually sentient, that does not intend to harm the indicating party.

2. In gaming, a friendly can describe a helpful or harmless NPC.
1: Don't worry, my dog is a friendly.

2: Man 1: "Oh man, I'm really low on health."
Man 2: "Don't worry, there's a settlement around here somewhere. Bound to have a friendly or two."
by EcoEclipse July 13, 2009
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A passive player in TF2. They will not hurt the enemy team, and will often use group taunts and voice commands.
I was going to kill that Heavy, but I realized they were a friendly.
by The_Kickster September 20, 2019
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Term used in Call of Duty DMZ via proximity chat to lure an opposition squad into a false sense of security before surprise attacking the unsuspecting team and then looting their bags afterward, especially in or near an exfil helicopter.
by Qwertyninja85 January 6, 2023
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