When you're not an actual cunt, but you need to be a bit of a cunt to prevent people from taking the piss or walking all over you.
Yo Vicki, we're so much happier now we've become little cunts.
by PeakyRunner April 26, 2016
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What you call a kid in among us who supports the imposter because it was their friend and their actions cause crewmates to lose
Purple: Black literally killed in front of me and vented

Black: no i didn't

Brown: no it's not black she was with me
Red: stfu brown you little Cunt I know it's black and green I saw it on cams, vote black first, green next and kick brown
by December 12, 2020
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1. When your friend is being annoying and you’ve had enough of his bullshit

2.When your friend is being a pussy
1. Hey Chris shut up you little cunt!

2. Hey Chris stop being such a little cunt and get your ass over here!
by Mr fucken miyagi January 20, 2019
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Muggy little cunt is a descriptive term which refers to somebody who you believe to have spoken to you or acted in an innappropriate way towards you (this is implied through the word 'muggy'). using the word 'little' implies they are in fact inferior to you and the word 'cunt' is used in order to enforce maximum disrespect for said person. when put together 'muggy little cunt' makes the individual it is aimed at feel extremely insignificant and small in stature
who do you think you are you "muggy little cunt"?...speak out of term again and I'll rip that excuse for a head off that weasely body of yours, is that clear sunshine?
by GoatFacedBastard July 6, 2011
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This phrase is used as an insult when someone is clearly better than you at a game, but you can’t come to terms with how bad you are. Often followed by “fuck this shit game” or “there’s no way he’s had sex”.
This prick has just scored another goal, the sweaty little cunt.
by Ssewankambo December 4, 2020
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(Not to be confused with little cheeky monkey)

A small unrestrained belligerent child, often, but not limited to, the product/offspring of parents that have immigrated from the sub continent

More often than not seen travelling at speed in the back seat of a vehicle, but can also be found frolicking in the front seat while the parents are on their mobile phone, wearing seatbelts and completely oblivous to whats going on, not only in the car, but also on the road.
Look at that little cunt monkey jumping around on the back seat, their parents must hate them or they would be wearing a seatbelt
by The Asylum February 27, 2023
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