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The most common symbol of communism, another being the red star. As the name suggests, the symbol is a hammer, with the handle on the right and the head on the left, heading up at a 45 degree angle, representing the industrial proletariat. Starting at the lower left is the handle of the sickle, which curves to the right and intersects with the handle of the hammer, then curves up and to the left, stopping a little bit to the left of approx. where the handle of the sickle, if it were to be extended in a line, would be. The sickle represents the agricultural laborers; the peasants.

The idea of crossed tools is often connected to unions and organizations which deal with the hard laborers.

It is possible that the Hammer and Sickle design was influenced by the Crook and Flail that Egyptian Pharoahs held, crossed much like the Hammer and Sickle, when depicted on their sarcophagus.
I saw the Hammer and Sickle on that flag, and I instantly knew that the person holding the flag was a communist.
by Andrev Jakstone October 03, 2005
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The symbol of most modern Communist parties, often accompanied with a Red Star. Common in Italian graffiti.
Long live the Hammer and Sickle and the Proletariat Revolution!
by El_Haggis September 09, 2006
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(n.) The symbol of communism. Consisted of a hammer and sickle crossing eachother at 45 degree angles, facing opposite directions. The hammer was to represent the town workers, while the sickle represented agricultural workers.
some little pinko misanthrope bastard drew a hammer and sickle on my car windshield this morning, how I shall make his buttocks hurt....
by Gumba Gumba May 21, 2004
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