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Referenced by millions as the hometown of all potato farmers
Oo arr! I be from Gloucestershire!
by RyanBiscuit January 8, 2009
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County in south west/mid England. West is full of people who talk a bit like farmers. East is where the posh people are. Lots of horses. Has the Forest of Dean and Cotswolds for tourist types. If you don't like pretty scenery, Waitrose, posh toffs or people who smell a bit like horses/carrots then I don't recommend it.
One is from Gloucestershire, one smells like horses!
by westcountry101 October 9, 2011
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The process by which, over the course of several years, a distinguished gentleman collects a substantial amount of knobcheese and forms it into a disc weighing several pounds. This must then be entered as the rolling cheese in the Gloucestershire cheese rolling competition, which is particularly difficult considering that it has been made by the same woman since 1988. To overcome this, one may either stealthily switch the cow-cheese with the man-cheese at any point in the process or convince the woman by sob story that the cheese was made by your dying mother who only ever wanted to see it rolled downhill or something, preferably using a starved puppy as a visual aid. Unbeknownst to anyone involved, however, one will have carved a hole in the cheese just wider than the diameter of your dick, hidden under the paper ribbons that wrap it. This is because you will, at the point it is thrown down hill, burst out from the crowds at the bottom and attempt to catch it on your dick, which should burst through the ribbons like a triumphant Olympic athlete, before you are then crushed by the waves of tumbling shire-folk.
‘A great race this year in which everyone died and finally someone got his dick out’ – The Gloucester Citizen

‘The Gloucestershire Ringtoss has finally been completed. The process has begun. Humankind’s dusk approacheth.’ – Mysterious man in cloak from The Royal Society of Go Away
by 535 January 28, 2012
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james "Sips" Sampson lives here.

Foods Gone Cold: Jenner Diss Track- Jimmy J ft. BeverlySkillz

university of gloucestershire is where the shagger sips lives.
by sc:tristanlolling February 22, 2022
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A "person",event or story so outrageously unique, ridiculous or hideous that the only place in the world it would occur is in Gloucestershire. For example, Gloucester Wierdos and Cheese Rolling
Went up Glostee town last night, It was like a Halloween Safari

Haha Only In Gloucestershire (O.I.G) sounds like you saw some right OIG's (Gloucestershire Freaks)
by Forester Mo April 18, 2011
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