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A sport wherein participants compete in running events (AKA races of varying length, or in field events, which usually involve trying to propel oneself higher or throw something farther than someone else.

Running events include long distance, middle distance, sprints, and hurdles. Field events usually include discus, shotput, pole vault, high jump, and long jump.

1)-"I'm totally going out for track and field this year."
-"You're going out for track? Why?"
-"'Cause that's where all the hot runners are."
by bluesmobile June 03, 2006
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The practice of rapidly tapping a woman's clitorus as if slapping the buttons to make the olympic athlete run on the game "Track and Field" released by Konami in 1983.
I bent her over doggy, reached around and played track and field last night.
by Trackman Jones September 09, 2010
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