A sport wherein participants compete in running events (AKA races of varying length, or in field events, which usually involve trying to propel oneself higher or throw something farther than someone else.

Running events include long distance, middle distance, sprints, and hurdles. Field events usually include discus, shotput, pole vault, high jump, and long jump.

1)-"I'm totally going out for track and field this year."
-"You're going out for track? Why?"
-"'Cause that's where all the hot runners are."
by bluesmobile June 4, 2006
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A sport that is made out of many events. Running event are done on the track. The types of running events are sprints, middles distance, and long distance.Field events are based on the field or use parts for the field events.Racewalking is a special event that is done usually on the road but for high school it’s done on the track.Relays are team based that 4 people per team run a distance one by one passing a baton.

-Track events-
-100/110/200/400 hurdles

-1500m/3k/5k steeplechase

-1500m/3k/5k/10k/20k/50k Racewalking

-Field events-

-long jump
-high jump
-shot put
-triple/double jump

-pole vault

-hammer throw


*note distances may differ by region
Track and field is a sport that is usually called under the termathletics
by The Gwailou February 22, 2019
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A sport in which both mental and physical health. It drains you. Events consisting of short distance - long distance. And long jump, high jump, javelin, shotput, and discus. Javelin is basically asking for death because you are throwing a long sharp stick into the ground possibly causing impaltion. You can break your legs running because they will become so jiggle they will fall off.
by Skittles194 April 16, 2019
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The practice of rapidly tapping a woman's clitorus as if slapping the buttons to make the olympic athlete run on the game "Track and Field" released by Konami in 1983.
I bent her over doggy, reached around and played track and field last night.
by Trackman Jones September 9, 2010
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WTF. A longer way to say What the Fuck. Inspired by these questionable t-shirts worn by the Williams College track and field team.
I just found out my girlfriend used to be a man.... Williams Track and Field!!!
by dajfioawegao; July 2, 2007
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This place is also known as torture. Maybe the hell of hell. However, the coaches there are HMM very "motivational", "encouraging", "inspirational", and all in all "amazing". Birthday celebrations before training are one of the best ever. From the sharing of the old but good Strawberry Shortcake from the box itself to smashing the cakes into each other's faces, literal fun. Despite the torturous runs, workouts and CORE, suffering together made the team stronger and will continue to... To never forgetting the iconic "Mind over matter" (also known for drain-vomitting)
"Wah who these stinky sweaty girls at Tiong MRT!"

"Its those CHIJ STC Track and Field people duh!"
by Mr Rickz August 21, 2021
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