A nice wonderful person that might be insecure on the inside but doesn't show on the outside. The person is nice and generous but will be mean if it comes to it. Will help out friends and will always keep it 100 with you all day everyday.
"Your so nice!!!! Your such a Torey"
by -AD October 26, 2016
I kind and caring girl with a big heart. She sticks by her friends and is slightly introverted, but when she feels comfortable around someone, she is very talkative.She can be a badass, and looks great while doing it.
by .Nightshade. April 22, 2019
A very, very attractive. kind, fun-loving individual who is very compassionate and generous. Also, extremely athletic, talented and smart. They learn things quickly and frequently become masters of what they've learned. Quick-witted, very popular and full of jokes.
Wherever Torey is, I want to go.
by pumps and a bump3 February 4, 2010
The state of being extremely ditzy and/or having no common sense.
guy: Hey, why are you acting so weird?

girl: I guess im just being a torey today.
by Dylan Vowell May 15, 2007
a girl thats really ditzy. can be very annoying. thinks things are funny that really arent. chooses her boyfriends over her bestfriends. isnt a true friend, likes to backstab her friends. always gets in other peoples buisness. in conclusion, a total bitch 99% of the time.
by bitch312980537 October 31, 2010
A person who is extremely annoying, listens to terrible music, harasses girls, and whenever you see them you want to shove them in a garbage can. They are an overall horrible person.
I just want to punch him in the face.
Of course you do, he's a torey.
by DuH35000 May 3, 2011
to lick fat out of a moldy chicken
i sure did torey that chicken
by LUKAS RIS! May 14, 2007