1: Satan's asshole, usually only to employees.
2: A place for insane individuals with foot fetishes and drooling problems to congregate.
3: A store that quickly turns genuinely nice employees into miserable bastards due to horrible pay, horrible management, and that god awful "do you have a membership?" question.
4: Evidently a library since, more often than not, customers don't actually BUY books.
"Excuse me, how do I borrow books?"
"You don't. This is Barnes and Noble. Go to the library down the block."

"Where's your manager?"
"That's a good question. I haven't seen them myself for the past 4 hours."

"I really like feet. What would I have to do to get you to show me your feet??!"
by frikkafrikkaREMIX March 16, 2009
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A soul-sucking corporate bookstore. Employees are nice, to an extent, but the higher you go in the company, the less smiles.
Employees must:
1. Always bug you to buy a Member Discount Card.
2. Walk you to every book.

They have a large selection of books, but only on certain subjects. Their website has a far better range of books. Their largest competetor is Borders. CD's and DVD's are overpriced.
Excuse me, can you help me find a book. It was on that table and it had a blue cover.

'Do you have a Barnes and Noble Member Card?'
by Dinah S. April 16, 2007
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A store that sells over priced books, And gives its self all the credit for wide spread reading in america in the 20th century, in its employee manual.
Whats a library? is that like a barnes and noble?
by uberalles December 3, 2004
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Synonymous with the action of dropping a deuce due to the fact that the Barnes and Noble bathrooms are so well kept up that the famed bookstore is the place to go if one ever needs to pinch a loaf in public.
I shouldn't have had White Castle last night; I really have to drop a Barnes and Noble.
by Dizzle72 July 14, 2011
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Process to obtain revenge on someone who has damaged your life in a major way. First visit barns and noble's magazine section remove as many of the loose subscription cards as you can carry. Fill in the targets name address ect..rubber stamp is best. Check the boxes for 2 year subscription and bill me. Drop them in the post office drive up drop box. Do this for 100 cards once a week until you feel better. For extra credit look for depends adult diaper ads they have free samples coupons send as many of these as possible. Good luck
That bitch filled a false police report , so i gave her. The Barns and Noble.
by MaXPuFZ August 20, 2016
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any corporate bookstore that contains a starbucks coffee shop.
Jim: "Hey, Ted, i was thinking about going to a Barnes and Nobles to get some Choose Your Own Adventure books."

Ted: "Do you want to go to the one off of Central or the one down by Alice's place?"

Jim: "No, i was thinking about going to the Borders where the movie theater used to be"

Ted: "Really? I didn't know there was a Starbucks in there."

by alfonsothepirate February 15, 2008
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A restroom where you walk in and there’s this guy in there on the phone talking about eating a Starbucks sandwich while on the toilet, so you cough to let him know your in there and he hangs up but then immediately answers another phone call (which kind of defeats the purpose but whatever) and says “hey is Richie still in jail? Can they trace it back to me” and the girl on the phone says “how the fuck should I know Jared?” And he says “I remember our history together how do I know I can trust you” and she says “I’m a lot of things Jared but a liar isn’t one of them” and he says “I CANT GO BACK TO JAIL” and then you just give up and slowly back out of the restroom
Hey Ben I heard a lot of commotion go on in the Barnes and Noble Restroom are you ok?” “Yeah I’m fine I found a Starbucks sandwich in there so I’m no longer hungry”
by Overlord of Ducks April 6, 2021
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