When a man's cum drips out of a women's pussy and ends up in her asscrack.
When I was finished fucking this slam pig, she laid there as my jizz was crossing the border.
by Dradran July 6, 2013
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As a male, having sex with a Hispanic female.
Ken: "Dude did you hook up w/ that fine ass Latina last night?"

Ryan: "Hell ya dude, I fucking crossed the border!"

Ken: "You went crossing the border? Nice. Slap hands!"
by Bro Fuss November 23, 2009
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When you have a "friend" sleeping in bed with you and you are "crossing borders" by having sex, feeling eachother up, etc. you on one side, your "friend" on the other. then you cross borders, that the girlfriend sets up, and "do it". usually tiedown free.
Danny and Jade wanted a little fun, but Jade didn't want him crossing borders.... He did anyway, now she's knocked up.
by crossedoverbaby June 5, 2011
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To switch change sexual preferences from any category or sub-category to something new.
Dan just crossed the Danish border when he went home with that girl. He has been gay for years.

Alice freely moves about the Danish border.

Eric: I am crossing the Danish border tonight - that guy's body is just too hot to pass up.
by Bordercrosser June 14, 2014
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