Robbery. Got over on. You got took or robbed for your goods.
You got charged extra? "oh, you got bopped"
"They came up in your spot and took it all? Ah, thats the Bop"
"the clerk only rang up two when I had four, that was the Bop"
"You got bopped when they gave you the fake stuff"
ILL BOP You if your in pocket.
by upintheu June 03, 2011
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Term used to describe an idiotic action, mistake or down-right fuck up. Usually occupied with a bop on the head.
"Can't think of an example" "BOP!"
by Jeordiercks December 26, 2011
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younger girls who hang out with older guys and think it makes them cool
why are there so many bops at this party?
Idk Aidan must have invited him he loves bops
Wtf that's gross fuck bops
by Losgatosmoms January 03, 2017
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It means to hit someone because they are being stupid
Boy, your bout to get bopped upside the head.
by Mickey Hayes January 22, 2017
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When you need to leave a bad situation really quickly
"Boi Pikachu is up in this Hizzy, we need to bop."
by Mika_Oreo_Queen September 06, 2016
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