When somebody gives you a ring in the early morning hours so they can get they fuck on.
If someone is callin ya house 4 in the morning, it's likely that's a booty call.
by DarkNova January 7, 2002
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a call specifically to get the booty!.booty call hrs begin specifically at 11:30 pm.
Tyricha: girl tyrone called me at 12:00 last night and we talked till 3 this mornin!!
Brittany: oH No girl he does not need to be callin you at no 12:00. ThATS 30 min. into booty call hrs!
by bj beauty August 28, 2007
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a one night stand where u fuck a hot person and then never have ne relationship following it, basically getting a piece of ass
"yo man wutd u do last night?"
"hooked up a booty call wit dis fine chick marissa"
by uhhhMARISSA September 21, 2005
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Could also mean a person that you just have sex with. You have no respect for each other. Since you have no respect for each other than fuck it.
Yo Shaniqua is my booty call so Imma hit her up tonight dawg.
Man: Shaniqua! Come here! I wanna fuck you.
by chaveskankers May 16, 2016
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This Is Basically When a Guy Wants Some Major Sex So Bad, He Get's To The Point Where He Finds The Most Desperate Girl To Have Sex With, No Matter How Ugly She Is.
Girl~ That Was The Greatest Ever, One More Time?
Boy~ Sorry, It Was Just A Booty Call.
by Joshi Woshi Padoshi November 13, 2006
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When someone calls someone else up and is like, "Hey, let's have sex." Usually it's not said that upfrontly, though. Usually it's done over text, initiated with some flirting and a lot of winky faces.

However, according to the region, booty call can mean something quite different. In certain towns such as Provo and Rexburg, where sex before marriage is highly discouraged, some of the residents loosely use the term in place of "NCMO".
Normal use:
I'm feeling a bit lonely tonight. Time to make a booty call.

Provo/Rexburg/other conservative towns use:
Guy 1: So my ex started texting me again the other night.
Guy 2: Seriously? What did she want?
Guy 1: She said she missed me and that she wanted to hang out.
Guy 2: Dude, total booty call.
Guy 1: Yeah, we ended up making out for like 15 whole minutes.
Guy 2: Get itt.
by WritingJunkie September 30, 2012
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when someone has their phone in their back pocket and sits on it and it calls you.
booty call
by jestercing September 3, 2008
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