A phone call made, normally after 9 p.m., in order to get some BOOTY!
Girl, that fool called me after 11 p.m., if he thought he was going to get some he was sadly mistaken, I don't do booty calls boo!
by Kizmet August 15, 2005
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Say you want the booty. You want it now. This is someone who is ready when you call and you gotz the booty. The booty is youuurrssss.
"I really want some booty right now."
"Hit up yo booty call #23."
"Aye you're right - I even know her by name. She's the wildest."
by DocDrea February 10, 2014
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A girl who is down to ride as soon as the guy she's messing around with calls her. She's game for anything from parking garage hummers to riding his weenus while his wifey is away.
Victoria has achieved booty call status but won't admit it.
by Potato Sack July 15, 2010
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A sexual act with someone who is ashamed to be associated with you in public. This is distinguished from prostitution or selling your body as you are so low on the food chain that the person seeking you for sexual gratification is unwilling to pay you for your services. Booty calls serve the desperate; i.e., individuals that cannot manage to convince another human to have sex with them on a regular basis.
Of course he likes me - he is just afraid of commitment because his ex cheated on him. Think about it - why would he take time out of his/her busy schedule to look me up for a Booty Call when he has time to stop by? We can't go out in public because he doesn't have time/money/freedom (insert excuse here) to take me anywhere. He won't let me take him out because he is too old-fashioned and has too much pride to allow me to pay for a date.
by Too Old December 12, 2010
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a male or a female wanting sex. which results in calling the wanted gender and asking for sex with no strings attached!
Hey i was wondering would your friend care if i gave him a booty call?
by sexy_asian March 29, 2009
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to call someone over for a little 'fun'.
ricky: hey girl where's my bootycall
girl: it's coming but you're still with your man
ricky: i know
by samiik August 20, 2006
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1) An arrangement usually via telephone, made with intentions to engage in various sexual acts; a hookup.

2) A cell phone call made inadvertently through a pocket in one's pants.
1) After so many months without any action, I phoned Jessica for an immediate booty call. She is so compliant.

2) Every damn day my dad makes a booty call to my phone. It ends up leaving a voice message, and I get to hear what he does all day long!
by JJ Moody Man July 12, 2009
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