a male or a female wanting sex. which results in calling the wanted gender and asking for sex with no strings attached!
Hey i was wondering would your friend care if i gave him a booty call?
by sexy_asian March 29, 2009
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to call someone over for a little 'fun'.
ricky: hey girl where's my bootycall
girl: it's coming but you're still with your man
ricky: i know
by samiik August 20, 2006
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A booty call is when a girl desperately wants a guy, continues to go to his house and have sexual relations with him in the hopes that he will eventually develop feelings for her, unfortunately for her, he only uses her and continues to sleep with other women without her knowing.
Example: Look at you, you're nothing more than a booty call.
Friend 1: Hey, where's Talia?
Friend 2: Oh ya know, she went over to some guy's house again because she's nothing more than a booty call.
Friend 1: Wow, she really needs to get over this guy, he keeps using her. She is the definition of a booty call.
by Cooper Corrado April 28, 2020
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1) An arrangement usually via telephone, made with intentions to engage in various sexual acts; a hookup.

2) A cell phone call made inadvertently through a pocket in one's pants.
1) After so many months without any action, I phoned Jessica for an immediate booty call. She is so compliant.

2) Every damn day my dad makes a booty call to my phone. It ends up leaving a voice message, and I get to hear what he does all day long!
by JJ Moody Man July 12, 2009
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Booty call (n) - Someone who receives a txt/call by a anther person between the times of 11pm - to early morning for a hookup. The person will usually greet the booty call with a simple "hey" or "what's up?" β€œOr I miss you β€œThe person enjoys using the booty call for sex and nothing else. The booty call usually enjoys this act of douche-bag-ness and returns for more.
β€œThis niggas calling me for sum ass it’s 2 am I’m not no booty call. β€œ
by Poetgirl123 July 30, 2019
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when the opposite sex rings you for some fun in the bedroom, that being the sole purpose of the phone call
"Hey nick, want to come round for sex"
"Sure, but i got a date at 10, so need to leave straight after@
Friend rings nick
"Guess who just booty called me"
by 2pacs son August 15, 2009
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A "call", usually at late night for a quick sexual encounter (quickie) or even longer depending on the persons involved.
I made a booty call to one of my lady friends yesterday and spent the night bumping uglies.
by TheSpectacularOne October 09, 2009
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