It is the man's obligation to put his boneration in a women's separation. This sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.
by Cody (wdw_) December 19, 2003
a reply to just about any statement for humor or to loosen up an intense situation.
1.bob: I drunk coffee this morning

chuck: with a boner

2.tanner: I swear I am about to punch you in the face

random guy in the background: with a boner

tanner: (chuckles)...never mind
by the trevmeister November 15, 2011
when a guy sees something he finds sexually stimulating and makes his penis become hard and he wants to fuck whatever it is
Jack: Yo you got a boner dude!

John: I know. That watermelon over there is pretty sexy
Jack: ...
by Marley :) June 24, 2017
*3 very sexy girls in one room*
Mark:My boner is telling me that all of them are a good choice.
by Jon200105 February 25, 2013
A boner is a long, pointy joystick that guys can get while feeling aroused.
Tim saw Kayla’s boobs , *ding*! That’s right,,,, he has a boner
by Sloshii October 15, 2017
What occurs when blood rushes to the penis, causing it to stick up. it is also possibly the worst thing to get before a school presentation.
While I was in a school play, I got a boner.
by Sapphire Flames February 16, 2011
Something that is so awesome, it can make you hard without physical contact.
That cake was so bonerizing i had to tighten my belt a notch to hide my hard on.

Dude, I got a quadruple kill in call of duty last night with a RPG and it was so bonerizing
by Julesfools February 19, 2010