Some folk are bombastic in their attire.
by Anonymous October 1, 2003
When you're doing things beyond necessary that you come off sounding like a snob.
When you're trying to use big words because you're actually smart or just wanting to impress your classmate.
Somebody calls you out "you and your bombastic language"
by tritonprincie June 24, 2014
means alomst the same as fantastic but better, like a bomb exploding
The sex i had with Britney was bombastic! mmmm...
by Crystal May 1, 2004
(adj) usually used to flaunt the size of one’s penis
“They call me Mr. Bombastic
by Mr. Bombastic 420 February 28, 2019
An awsome word meaning outragiouse, and meaningless speech.... This word is often used between Ty and Anne when quoting the infamouse Billie Joe Armstrong, aka God.
"Billie Joe is sooo freakin bombastic!"
by Ty March 30, 2005
bombastic it means when your salty,angry, stuck up, jobless and fake
bobby:omg your so annoying fuck off tamara:omg shut the fuck up you bombastic bastard
by bombastic March 2, 2021
Bombastic is julie it means you are divine and exquisite and extraordinary and (what my mom said) super pretty
by Real dictionary Jonathan 👀 December 15, 2021